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No one here gets out alive;

Meager age of 28, and I’ve dabbled in a bunch of careers already. I was 16 when I got accepted into 3 schools: business, mass media and economics; I got forced into business, naturally.

A little bit about me: I’m a concoction of vices, love for food, constant reading and deep affection for good people. When it comes to the people part, I’d say I’m quite afraid to show it; who knows which one will leave first, right? Walled up for my own good.

But what’s most important about me is… I know my way with words. A cliché that…

Your heart & my heart are very, very old friends

As far as life experiences go, I think I’ve had my fill with the highs and lows of unrequited love. I also think Cupid is drunk in a corner somewhere; yes. Quite often, the arrow hits only one person and misses the other.

Most days I strongly believe I’m just made for bad timing, heart-wrenching rollercoasters and a series of devastating ‘could-have-been’ somethings. But on other days, I am grateful to be surrounded by the best of friends and family. So, where did everything spiral for me?

It all started when I fell in love with my bestfriend. …

Friends make you smile, they make you cry, they hold you up, and make you strong, when other elements bore you down. My life has been full of friends (or, acquaintances) for a long time. They always come and go, and some stick around like octopuses. But, there are some things that never leave you; if they do, they only leave you a little lighter and happier, and stick around for whenever you need them.

I call them my rescuers. My books, my pen (figuratively; the obviousness being an online diary) and a deathly good cup of coffee. They say…

I’m a 27-year-old; I have a few learnings from my life experiences, a ton of them to go. But, what I learned very soon in life is “Friends Forever” is a nice concept; one to cherish and look forward to, too. But not one to bank on. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you know? This is a beautiful thing. It is a concept that teaches you a few things but not banking on it teaches you a lot more:

  • Have faith in yourself and your own company first.
  • Don’t crowd people with expectations.
  • Live in the now, tomorrow is…

When Glass Animals came out with ‘Dreamland’ last year (2020, yes), I wondered what inspired them to create some of the best music they ever came up within this album. So, just like all of us, they too had time to think, to reflect and to innovate. Their experiences and the people they met during the previous album promotions (for those that don’t know, Zaba is a delicious music album!), and a rollercoaster ride of experiences each band member faced that led to a downfall of an album they were looking to create.

So, when quarantine hit, their brains began…

Best-friends forever? Infinite friends? What is the crux of a healthy friendship? Oh, so many ways to look at this. Some think that spending time is what makes a friendship strong, some say that it’s the conversations that make or break a friendship, while others say acceptance is all that a friendship needs to flourish.

But, I would like to butt in, and give you my two bits. I think friendship is a beautiful thing. It is the one relationship that does not necessarily need to be bogged down by rules, expectations or realities. It is a union of two…

Imagine a situation for me: you’re at a cliff. Behind you — wall of fire, and ahead of you — the devil claiming you only get to live if you truly answer what makes you rich.

Many people argue that there is no right way to answer this question. But with affirmation, I will say there is. The flaunting of designer brands, a fancy car or gourmet foods does not mean you’re rich. Yes, it means you have money to spend. But it doesn’t make you rich.

Rich is a state of mind that says:

I have a wonderful family…

“How can you not need coffee as you wake up?”

“I’m a coffee-addict dude!”

Statements that every mid-20s & mid-30s fellows say to each other to begin their morning banter. Really though, are you a coffee person or a tea person?

I live my life in conflict with these two. My first sip of the day has to be of the perfectly brewed adrak-elaichi & lemongrass chai. Without this, I am a grouch for the rest of the day!

But I will tell you this; when I bought my first french press, my life changed for the balance of the…

This year, I have had the good fortune of meeting some new people. Don’t get me wrong. I meet new people every year. But this year has been nicer to me. I say this because I have a tendency to lose the friendship of at least one person every year. And this year, I didn’t. I gained many people. Probably people I will know and love for a lifetime.

Some have been through friends; some have been through new jobs. Nonetheless, they make life lighter for me. Smiles came easier this year, and laughter was not as painfully forced as…

What is celebration? Is it the bells and jingle during Christmas? Is it the firecrackers and dressing up on Diwali? Is it the colors and dancing on Holi? Is it really all these things; or is it the togetherness we feel on these special occasions?

Think about it. The people, the smiles, the being together, despite any interruptions. Festivals are for official holidays where our minds are nowhere else but with family and friends. Making the most of a day off; being together, eating together and laughing together. This year has been tough on a lot of us. It has…


based on a true story; sort of.

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