New Decade, New Me?

Anish Masand
4 min readJan 1, 2021


When Glass Animals came out with ‘Dreamland’ last year (2020, yes), I wondered what inspired them to create some of the best music they ever came up within this album. So, just like all of us, they too had time to think, to reflect and to innovate. Their experiences and the people they met during the previous album promotions (for those that don’t know, Zaba is a delicious music album!), and a rollercoaster ride of experiences each band member faced that led to a downfall of an album they were looking to create.

So, when quarantine hit, their brains began working on entirely new batteries. What happens when all you have to do in life is think? Sometimes, you end up creating something flawless, brilliant and exciting. Filming was done during lockdown, so if you haven’t seen the videos, please have a look — they are super stokey. But bottom line, just like us, they had too much free time and decided to create an album of a lifetime. Many of us did something similar, probably not on such a grand scale. But we did.

And now it’s a new year, a new decade. There is so much to look forward to! Flying cars? Ummm, not so much. More realisations? Yes probably. More mindfulness? Oh, I would hope so. More caution and consideration? I pray every day for this. But overall, we have grown as a human existence. Our eyes have been opened to experiences and effects in ways that only make us want to improve our wellbeing, our outlook in life and our quality of life. Our lives have transformed, our machines have evolved, our planet has suffered greatly.

Ah yes, the planet. The new decade will be a more sustainable one, a more vigilant one and a very responsible one. We are already witnessing people’s change of heart when it comes to products of the planet. We opt for more sustainable fashion, sustainable living and a better form of farming; one farm at a time.

So while we ponder over the greater good in the new decade, it’s time to also reflect inward. How the decade is going to be for us, as individuals? My last ten years, for instance, were all about my higher education, falling into and pulling out of various vices. A rainbow of experiences; socially as well as professionally. In the past 8 years, I have worked in possibly four different fields, completely unrelated to one another. However, a learning was received from each which makes me the person I am today. Ready to face the new decade with a bright smile and a strong will.

As unpredictable as our last year was, it is essential to plan out our future year/years. I don’t say this because it must be followed to the T; I am an absolute ‘Hank Moody’ about it too. I don’t follow the lists I make for myself, so I cannot ask you to do it either. But what planning helps us achieve, is a distant goal far away in our minds. We know we need to achieve it, but the process need not be just as written down. Twists and turns, usually bring us out the other side wiser. So, my new decade resolutions are:

  1. Exercise, hydrate and repeat!
  2. Work hard. Help people’s creativity get noticed!
  3. Read better books; to speak better, learn wisely and spread good knowledge.
  4. Conscious efforts to converse in a better way; people need to feel good.
  5. Superconscious effort to skip junk food; bye-bye vada pav!

They seem like unimportant resolutions. But I have been trying to achieve these in the last decade, but to no avail. I could blame it on younger age or a frivolous mind. But the new decade is my new beginning; and nothing is going to stop me. My 10-year goal includes growing socially, professionally, spiritually and emotionally. Maybe the decade after this one, will bring a better set of goals for me; but for now, this seems like a good place to start.

What about you?

Week 1, 1st January 2021

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